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World Mission Update
16 July 2020
South Sudan
We have heard this week from Rev Orozu Lokine Daky Alaan, Deputy Secretary General of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan, about unrest in the Southern Jonglei area of the country.

He explains that fighting has broken out among different clans and particularly the youth. He says “there is no proper record of the injured or wounded. They have also taken a large number of cattle from about 10 villages along with an unspecified number of women and children.

"From the reports we have received it is our estimation that the numbers of those killed, injured or abducted are in the hundreds. The attacks reduced the villages to ashes including Gummuruk, the capital of Kubal County. They did not burn the church building but they took all the chairs, solar panels and the piano. They also burned the church compound including the Pastor's house.”

"The youth were fully armed with long range artillery, rocket propelled grenades, AK 47s and anti-tank rocket launchers. They normally do not have access to such weapons. An unknown aircraft landed in Gummuruk airstrip twice bringing ammunition and taking their wounded.

"The church pastors in these areas are trying to dissuade potential attackers from further acts of violence while also seeking to meet the needs of the survivors. People have been in hiding without access to food and medical assistance for weeks. He asks us to pray for the situation in South Sudan, particularly in Southern Jonglei at present. Pray for protection for the church pastors who seek to mediate in this situation and those who have lost lives and face an unknown future. Pray also for South Sudan as it celebrated its 9th anniversary as a country, that peace may prevail and allow it to flourish as a nation."
Call for a Global Ceasefire upheld
After months of debate, the UN Security Council finally passed Resolution 2532 unanimously. This includes an endorsement of the call for a global ceasefire. In recognising the impact of Covid-19 in conflict-affected areas, the call for 90 consecutive days of ceasefire would allow the safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance. The resolution also acknowledges the critical role of women in Covid-19 response efforts, and the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on them.

We are encouraged to use the following tweet: Time to act: an unprecedented and important UNSC Resolution calls for a #GlobalCeasefire to respond to #Covid19. We call on all warring parties to listen and implement this immediately.
 Read the statement here
Rights of EU citizens in Scotland
In addition to existing support under the Stay in Scotland campaign, the Scottish Government has commissioned JustRight Scotland, a legal centre for justice and human rights, to develop a range of factsheets for EU citizens. This guidance explains the rights of EU citizens in Scotland to vote, work and access healthcare, education, housing and benefits. These are now available in English, Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish and Italian. Please make these known to members of your congregations and parish who may find them helpful. 
Download the factsheets
Events, opportunities and information
Coronavirus Diaries: A  series from Life and Work, focusing on the situation of one of our overseas partners, will be published each Wednesday. This week, Rev Peter Kaniah reports from Kenya where he tells us of the PCEA 'Adopt a family' scheme to support the needy through the Covid-19 epidemic. 

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) have launched an appeal for those hardest hit globally by the Covid-19 pandemic including those in Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh and South Sudan. Donate here.

Community World Service Asia has written about multiple crises hitting Pakistan: monsoon floods and storms, the increasing toll from Covid-19 and the worst locust infestation for 25 years. Read more here.

The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) is sharing blog posts on topical public issues. This week's theme is on holiday hunger. You can read it (and the previous posts) here.

COP26, the UN's climate change summit, which was to take place in the UK in November 2020, has been postponed until further notice. Join this month's prayer chain to pray for climate justice

The Sabeel 2020 conference and AGM will be an online event on Saturday 19 September from 10am until 12pm. Book your place.

Nestlé intend to stop using Fairtrade Chocolate. Read more and sign a petition to keep KitKat fairtrade here.
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